Friday, 4 January 2013

Too late for Happy New Year?

Hello hello!

Happy New Year 2013 to everyone!

Lol i'm super late. xD

The Internet connection around my housing area has been a total bitch. Sometimes it's there, and the next second everything gets disconnected. -___- So actually i made this post on the first day of this year but it has to be delayed till today lol. /fail

Anyways! New Year's resolution time! But first, time to do some checking on last year's list. Feels weird labeling 2012 as 'last year' since it's like 4 days ago? And on New Year's day, on Facebook and Twitter, my friends decided to be trolls by putting up statuses like 'I haven't showered/ate/slept/etc since last year' haha. Okay, onto last year's resolution! I hope i've accomplished alot. >__<

2012 resoulutions! 
1) Of course, study hard and score better in school exams. Aiming to at least bringing up all of my failed subjects like Add Maths and Moral orz!- Can lah! I got a C for Add Maths and B for Moral woot! For trials. :D 
2) Score at least 5A's among the 10 subjects for SPM. i've had 5As for UPSR and PMR so why not give it another 5 lol! If got more better loh!
- Don't know yet! But i'm starting to get worried and nervous already. :/ Even though results day is like March. 
3) Do better and improve on cosplay! As well as improvising previous failed cosplays. So far my most successful one is Mayushii others can go down the drain liao oTL.
- Haven't been cosplaying much last year. Didn't have the time cuz of SPM so this resolution rather failed orz. 
4) Complete all planned solo and partner cosplays! Still in the process of sorting out. Will reveal soon. And i'm so happy to find partners and groups for certain cosplays! Shiawase maxx! :3
- FAILED! Really really no time orz orz. /excuses 
5) Lose some more weight and exercise moar! Had lost 2kg by the end of this year yaaaaaaay! But might gain in back during CNY lololol! Must lose more more more! 8D- I did lose some weight hahahahha. Thanks to all the studying i skipped dinner alot. Lol unhealthy i know but i ended up loosing 2 kg. :D But i'm still chubby orz 
6) Practice piano more often. Sighs! Can feel my piano skills rusting. But my piano teacher still can tahan me! She's so kind! :C
- HAHAHHAHA failed horribly. My mom asked me to stop going for piano classes starting June last year and i've been rusty since then.  
7) Reduce usage of computer. This be hard! But shall try my best for the sake of my results!
- LOL failed too. The computer and i are soul mates. :3 
8) Be more succesful in make up yet not become too fa qiao. Lol wth using make up adi cinsidered fa qiao loh!- YES! I can happily say that i did improve my make up! Bought and used all the right products for my skin. Didn't have any caking during events. And i feel that my eye make up has improved! Thank you YouTube! 8D 
9) Not be a cheapskate and try to buy birthday presents for friends. I shall change! So look out! You might expect an awesome gift from me for your borthday hahaha! xD- HAHAHA i can't believe i made such a resolution! xD But yeah! I've been rather generous and *cough* thoughtful enough to remember my closer friend's birthday and even get/make them gifts.  
10) Treasure friends and cherish every moment possible. Last year of high school man! Although i really really feel like gtfo high school but then there's a part in me who just can't seem to really let go of it just yet. I admit that my heart is so hard that i won't cry in any movies where peepol die but cry when a dog is dying wtf but i just might tear up during farewell. Who knows? :(- I did. And i really miss them right now. Really enjoyed during our class trip last year! And on the way back home in the bus, we all shared our thoughts about each other and made touching speeches and thanks and almost everyone including me cried/teared up. I was really surprised even some of the guys did. :') 

So i accomplished 5 out of 10 in my list! Not bad not bad haha. Glad that i managed to strike out at least half of my list. :D Now onto this year's resolution!

2013 resolutions!

1) LOSE WEIGHT! I have my serious shit face on this time. Mom has been forcing me to exercise for at least 30 mins everyday. Hope I'll get used to it! I'll just have to break up my long term relationship with desserts and all things yummy. :C

2) Cope with college. I hope i can make some new friends asap. And cope with the work and classes. And of course do well in exams and assessments. Gawd just thinking bout all that is giving me a headache. D: HAVE TO SURVIVE!

3) Improve cosplay! Not sure if i have the time but i'll try my best to improve. Promised to do some partner plans with partner in crime (lol) Seki! Finally get to cosplay with her after so long. :3

4) Don't spend too much on cosplay. This is also a must! Shall try to use some money on clothes, shoes, skin care etc. Cosplay will always be a part of my life but it's still considered as a rather expensive hobby. :/ I need to control! I have to keep in mind that i'm still young and still have plenty of my youth to cosplay lol.

5) IF i can, sleep more AT NIGHT. I admit i'm more of a night person. I'll end up taking long naps in the afternoon and staying up late at night lol. I need to reverse this! xD

6) Don't lose contact with close high school friends. Yes, this always happens. We meet new friends in college and move on with our lives. I really hope to keep in contact with my high school friends and hopefully meet up with them sometimes.

7) Look after my skin. I don't really have much of a skin problem, except that it's rather filled with blackheads and it's super freaking oily. Must remind myself to use masks every weekend.

Hmm, i guess that's about it. I hope i can complete more this year compared to last year lol.

Again, wishing everyone a happy new year! May this year be better than the last! I mean come on, we awesome human beings survived the end of the freaking world lol.

Oh, and happy January 4th ! It's a really special day today! I'll explain why.

For some reason, the Chinese writes 'I Love You' (我爱你/wo ai ni) as 520 in numbers. And while writing dates, Chinese writes the year first, followed by the month and date. So today is 2013/1/4. If using the 520 thingy and saying the numbers in Mandarin, it'll be '爱(2) 你(0) 一(1)  生(3)  一(1)  世(4)' or 'ai ni yi sheng yi shi' which means loving you for eternity. So creative right! And so sweet at the same time. :D

And apparently they'll be a lot of couples getting married and a lot of people confessing their love to their partners today! This is like Valentine's Day level 9000 lol. xD And apparently there's going to be a Chinese movie about today. :3

So happy 201314 everyone! Love and cherish the ones with you forever! <3

Friday, 14 December 2012 haul!

This is a very delayed post. xD

This haul was actually during late April this year but i guess i spent most of my free time sleeping or doing something else. What! I have really short sleeping hours this year. :C

Anyways! As every Malaysian online shopper knows, is a haven for cheap goods! You can even find brand new items there too AND at a discounted/ lower price than retail shops. That's what i love about online shopping! If the seller provides free shipping, even better lol!

Onto my haul items!

\ ( o A o ) / RMK, Majolica Majorca, Lancome and Shu Uemura! Have never owned any of the products from these brand before so I'm kinda happy to be able to get all these items at a great price. :D

RMK Creamy Polished Base, shade 01.

As the name states, this is a make up base. Makes make up stay longer and provide a smooth and bright 'canvas' for foundation/ concealer! It also covers large pores! This can be used alone too as a foundation for light coverage. This is a pre-loved item so the price was about RM30. Retail price (from is USD93.9, which is around RM280 + wtf. I think the previous owner bought this item at a discounted price too. Why would she sell it at such a freaking low price? D: She claims that she only used it twice and when i got it, it still feels kinda full. So yeah. Score!

Tested it once and it really made my skin smooth! It also somehow brighten my skin because my skin seem a little glowy under certain lighting. <3 As for pore covering, i have super huge pores fml but it did managed to cover them. So i'm quite satisfied with this base!

RMK Ingenious Cheek Blush, color Pale Pink.

This blush is a FREE item from the RMK base purchase! The seller was having this buy 1 free 1 promo so of course i took this chance to buy something. :D Among all the items that i can get for free, i thought getting a blush is more worth it because i use it more often than the nail polishes, dramatic colored eye shadows and make up brushes she offered. Plus the only blush i have is a RM5 Daiso blush which is a little too pink for my liking.

This blush turned out to be... Too pale orz. It seems more of a highlighter than a blush. Like to give your face an overall pinkish glow, you can use this all over your face. Since it's really light, i'd layer this over my overly pink Daiso blush to tone down the color.

Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant Glow primer.

This is the travelling pack version of the primer. Got this for RM20! The product is sort of a pearly white watery cream and disappears onto the skin when applied. It gives your face a radiant glow as well to brighten up dull complexion. Tried using this along with the RMK base plus a little pressed powder and it really brighten up my face! I have a rather dull complexion due to pimple scars so it really works well for me.

Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek, (L) Apricot Macaron / (R) Peach Macaron

THIS IS WAY TOO CUTE! :3 Pretty and cute item packaging really catches my eye easily! Got this both for RM45., which is RM22.5 for one. Retail price is RM45.90 for ONE! :O
The previous owner never used it before! She only tested it with her fingers. The puffs came clean! So it's practically unused! Always wanted to own a slightly more orangey blush for a sun kissed look. The two blushers isn't really as pigmented as usual blushers as i need to apply it a few times on my cheek for the color to really show up. But overall am loving the colors!

Lancome Color Fever Shine Lipstick, color 308.

Got this for RM30! Can't seem to find the correct retail price. Since it's Lancome, i assume that it's quite pricey. >__< This lippie's shade seems peachy at first, but it's more of a baby pink when applied to my lips. Though it may appear peachy in certain lighting but mostly it's baby pink! Just the shade of pink i want. :3 

That's all! Been so busy nowadays going to college's for their open days and educational fairs and whatnot. :/ All this college thing, really... just stahp! D: I hope i can come to a decision soon. 

Btw, class trip to Langkawi this coming Monday! And also Comic Fiesta! 8D

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cheapo make up haul!

Late update because I'm practically out almost everyday! xD

Been doing some last minute accessories shopping for prom. Prom ended yesterday night and it was indeed awesome! Spent the night with a wonderful landscape view of KL city. KL is really beautiful viewed from up high! All the pretty city lights!

Okay, onto my make up haul! The reason why i put 'cheapo' on the post title because most of the items are discounted items hehe. I admit that I'm a really kiam siap person when it comes to buying things. I'll be thinking 'So expensive! I'm sure there are cheaper ones out there." and end up walking the entire shopping mall looking for a cheaper item. Even if the price is lesser by RM3 I'm already satisfied haha! That's how much of a cheapskate i am!

Since it's that time of year where there are sales everywhere on everything be it cosmetics, clothes, shoes and even electronics. I couldn't help but spend a little more to grab some items with awesome deals. A trip down to Sunway Pyramid and I've bought so many items! Will also include a short review of some items that I've used.

Shopping loot of the day! A total of 7 items! (I counted the nail polishes and masks as one item)
When shopping, I'll only end up buying max 3 items or sometimes nothing at all. But for this time, i really couldn't resist! 8D

Daiso's individual lower lashes.

As usual, everything in Daiso is RM5. So of course you can find me hanging and lurking around any Daiso outlets often. :P I wanted to try out a few looks that needed individual bottom lashes so i got these.

 Nail polish!

I have a rather minuscule collection and hope to expand it! Bought all of them from Sasa. Top row is a brand 'Eleanor' which I've never heard of. I think this was 3 for RM9.90. Bottom row is from Color Combos! Have heard about this brand. Apparently, CC is only available in Sasa outlets only. Seen some good reviews of their products, maybe I'll try them out in future. :D 3 of them also for RM9.90! Really good deal!

I used the peach Eleanor nail polish along with CC's glitter and top/base coat nail polish for prom. And the color turned out really pretty! Though i had to apply 2 layers of the glitter one but that's how every glitter polishes are right?

Do ignore my lousy nail painting skills! >__<"

Turns out that it wasn't really peach! It's more of a soft baby pink. In some lighting it does look a little peach but this is the most accurate color i can get. But i still love it anyway! And the glitter really twinkles! <3
The top/base coat really sealed everything and smoothed the surface of my nail. Usually after the layer of glitter dries, if you run you finger across your nail, you'd feel the uneven surface of the glitter. But the top/base coat made my nails ultra smooth!

Mist toner/ finishing spray by Sasa's own line Sasatinnie.

 Got this for RM10 only! Original price was RM22.90 if i'm not mistaken. The salesgirl was even using a bottle of her own! Can be used before make up as a toner (duh!) or after make up as a finishing spray to help keep everything in place. 

4 for RM10 masks! 8D

There are also the 4 for RM20 ones but meh, over budget lol! (cheapskate talk)
These are also from Sasatinnie. First time buying their masks! So far i haven't come across any masks that breaks me out or make my skin worse so yeah, shall give it a try. My usual masks are mostly from Watsons, and The Face Shop or Etude House if they're having promotions. :P

Kiss Me Heroine Make Matte BB Liquid.

Also from Sasa. This brand is sold in Watsons too but i bought it from Sasa as they're having a super discount for this! This is by far the biggest steal ever! I got it for a discount of

Yes! 50 freaking % discount!
The original price was RM50+- and i got it for only RM25! Imagine buying Kiss Me products at only Maybelline's price. :O :O :O

I was looking for a new foundation/ BB cream that suits my super-oily-till-can-fry-egg skin and after much research i found out that this suits me the most. The previous BB cream that i'm using is Elianto's Miracle Multiplex and it made my skin even oilier. D:

* Pic credits to *

So damn lucky to get this at a super low price!

Maybelline's Clear Smooth 2 Way Cake Powder.

By '2 way' it meant that the powder can be used at either a wet or dry texture i think? I guess that's what the salesgirl said heh. I'm using the shade 02 Natural.
The original price for this was RM29.90 i think? Forgive my terrible memory. :( Wastsons had it discounted to around RM14+-!

My previous Pure Fresh Oil Control pressed powder from Silky Girl didn't work well for me as it made my face cakey and it's oil control is so-so.

* Pic credits to*

Did a lot or research too and found that this was the best for my skin. I really like browsing US or UK make up forums because they're really informative and the members are extremely helpful! :D

I used Kiss Me's BB Matte Liquid with this powder for prom and it lasted the whole night through! My face looked so smooth and bright! Bright as in fair and not dull looking. Was jumping around during the dance session and sweat a little but it still stayed on my face! Even after dancing, i took some photos but my face still looked fine. No shiny face at all! (Y)

Watsons face wipes for make up!

Bought it for the usual price of 2 packets for RM5.90

Previously, i used Silkygirl's Hydra Clean make up remover which was a thick creamy texture but i'm really lazy to use it with cotton pads. But it does remove make up quite well and it smells nice.

* Pic credits to *

Then, i switched to Biore's Cleansing Oil cotton wipes cause face wipes are much more convenient and easy for lazy asses like me haha! I really like this product because each sheet of face wipe is full of the cleansing oil and you can like literally squeeze out the oil in it! This made my make up removing much easier. It even comes with a box so you can use it like tissues! And when it's finished, you can just refill it. The downside of this product that the smell of the oil is quite strong, for me at least. The scent made me feel a little dizzy. D:
That's why i've stopped using it. But it's highly recommended if you're looking for a good make up remover wipes!

* Pic credits to *

And then i ended up with this Watsons face wipes! It was during C2AGE this year that i discovered this. :D
I forgot to bring my Biore cleansing wipes so i ended up looking for some cheap ones from Watsons. Found this one and gave it a try. First impression was the wipes' nice smell! Smells like flowers! The wipes was quite filled with the cleansing water but not as much as Biore's. It removes my make up quite easily too, but i do need to use a little more pressure than using Biore's. After removing make up, my skin feels really moist and little bit oily but while using Biore's, my skin felt super oily as if i poured baby oil on my face lol. Am glad that i discovered this awesome yet affordable product!

And i also found out that Singaporean blogger Qiu Qiu uses this face wipes too from one of her Budget barbie episodes! 8D

That's all of my cheapo loot! Coming up next is my haul. :D